Inglorious Group is a Fintech platform that explores new ways to bridge the gap between traditional businesses and the world of blockchain. We draw upon the diversity of experience and background of our members with the knowledge and global network to provide world-class expertise. We have a special passion in aiming to bettering human lifestyles via health improvements.


Inglorious Grapplers is an IBJJF & UAEJJF registered grappling team, founded in 2010 by head coach Professor Jude Samuel and his student, Professor Viking Wong. Previously known as Legacy BJJ & MMA Academy, it started with a small training group of two British MMA pioneers Mr. Suley Mahmoud and Mr. Michael “Black Death” Johnson. The team gained momentum quickly on the competition scene and eventually changed their name to Inglorious Grapplers in 2016. Today, the IG Network covers the entire globe from Europe to Asia and South America.

At Inglorious Grapplers, we focus on embodying the idea of open source training in order to reach our full potential and emphasise running our business practice free from traditional politics. We strive ourselves on our versatile adaptation to all grappling arts, taking what is useful and adjusting it to fit each of our individual styles. We encourage our students to discover the best of themselves and becoming a better human being through the tough daily grind of martial arts training.