Welcome to 2021!

Hello Jiu Jitsu Kindred,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas through it all. 2020 has hit us all hard, from an economic, social and mental standpoints. It has forced us in many ways to adapt and appreciate the regular things that we may have taken for granted, such as basic social interactions. It also has brought us to the realisation that our problem solving abilities are so closely linked to our daily routines which is the thing that we have in commonplace……Jiu Jitsu.

We all thought that we would be back rolling, but this pandemic has knocked back so many plans we all had in place. But through it all, we are in a good place once things open up.

Continue to be each others’ support structure because that is most important. Waves start with ripples, so make sure you look after yourselves, friends and families…then the rest will look after itself eventually.

I wish you and your families a wonderful New Year.

Welcome to 2021!



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